And my word for 2023 is…

A week before Christmas, I saw a post on Twitter encouraging me to take their quiz & discover my word for 2023. So I did.

The result was the word PRESENCE.

Which I can’t wait to unpack this year, for it has already impacted the end of my last year.

I usually am fairly active on social, and this year after praying about the holidays, I felt I was to let go of everything that would distract me from being fully present with my loved ones this Christmas week

So I did. Which initially felt exceptionally foreign, but freeing at the same time.

As I step back into more of my workload this week, I am reassured that His Presence remains with me and goes with me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whomever I’m with.

What word are you being pulled to for 2023?

#liveyourfaith #sharingHope #hopeinHisPresence

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