Wherever I go?

🎶”Well I sweat in the heat of the battle and I fought through the dust and the shadows. Oh, You never left my side. Never left my side, no. And I stood at the top of the world. I swam through the depths of my soul, no matter what I find, no matter what I find. Drought or famine, high and low…

{CHORUS} Wherever I go Oh, You’re gonna find me there. Wherever I go? Oh, You’re right beside me there. In the rising flame, even in the pouring rain – even in the flood, I’m safe. Oh, oh, oh, oh You go wherever I go, wherever I go!

You hold all the pieces together, You bring me strength in the desert. Oh, You defend my soul, You defend my soul. No height, no depth, no grave, nothing on earth can keep you away. Oh, You’re my only hope, You’re my only hope. Life and death, this truth I know….

Repeat {CHORUS} to end.”🎶

🎵WHEREVER I GO by Dan Bremnes

Listen & watch here:

#worshipHymn 🙌🏼

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