Chatting about Presence today…

­čî┐PRESENCE. I was going to break this word down by definition, then realized that I don’t need to use a dictionary to explain it.

Everyone can relate to air. Everywhere we go on earth, we have air to breathe. Most of us never even think twice about the fact that we are breathing, unless we have asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, a broken rib or are waiting those few precious seconds for our newly delivered baby to make its first cry.

­čî┐PRESENCE. One I learned first hand as a 19 year old when my Nana stopped breathing for the last time, and her presence, her essence, slipped away to heaven.

­čî┐PRESENCE. When you sense you are not alone in the midst of a traumatic situation, when you have the feeling that you are being held, loved, seen & heard despite what is going on around you.

­čî┐PRESENCE. Psalm 139 gives me great comfort in reminding me there is literally nowhere I can go where I won’t encounter God, and no thought I can think that God isn’t already aware of. Because God is constant, and ubiquitous.

Ô×í´ŞĆ”Ubiquitous (my new word for the day!) comes from the noun ubiquity, meaning “presence everywhere or in many places simultaneously.” Both words are ultimately derived from the Latin word for “everywhere,” which is ubique.” (Merriam Webster online dictionary).

More on PRESENCE from a personal perspective tomorrow!

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