Feelings Friday – sharing about experiencing His Presence

There are three key times when I experienced God’s presence in a way I could not tangibly see, yet I could hear His voice & see the resulting blessings from following His direction. Once when my son was born, the second when God confirmed news which devastated me to my core, and one more recently.

1️⃣🌿My son was born safely because I heeded His prompts and my doctor listened & stepped into action accordingly. The umbilical cord was around his shoulder & neck, and I praise God for being with me, my son & the two doctors during that delivery.

2️⃣🌿After God confirmed that devastating news, my heart was very patiently, lovingly & kindly rebuilt by the One who made me as I processed the loss.

3️⃣🌿Recently, I felt prompted to go visit a friend & his family in the hospital. Despite my fear of being inadequate to be of any help, God directed me to go. It was a blessing to come along side them & see how God was moving.

🙌🏼So when I say God is with me, I mean it literally, as well as emotionally, spiritually & physically. In any way God can be with us, He is. In the highs, the lows, and every moment in-between.

➡️How about you? Have you experienced His presence in a way that left a positive impact upon you? Put a 🙌🏼 in the comments if you have. (You’re welcome to share your story as well!)

4 thoughts on “Feelings Friday – sharing about experiencing His Presence”

  1. Oh this was beautiful. 🙌🏽 For me His presence has sustain me ever since my husband passed in 2020. God has been showing me just how much beauty there can be in the ashes.

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