Exhausted or gratified?

🌿"There's a huge difference between empty fatigue and gratifying tiredness. Life is too short. Invest in the things you deeply care about." - Eugene Cho 

You know who Jesus invested in? People. Coz relationships, mentoring & helping folks is what the Kingdom, and its King, is all about.

When I hit my pillow, I thank God for the days when I am able to give & receive a well needed hug, be a listening ear & prayer partner, do a task that needed to get done, and/or smile and make others feel welcome.  Being able to love up on my loved ones is an honor & a privilege.

So I like to end my days with gratifying tiredness, knowing I am pouring myself out with purpose, on purpose & for His purposes. And that His Presence is pouring into me all I need in order to do so.

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