Looking back & seeing the new…

As I look back at this week, I see how I made some changes for the better in order to take better care of myself.

I now check in with myself  throughout the day and ask:
➡️”how I am doing?
➡️”what do I need?”
and based on my response I make any necessary changes.

Just as a sailor has to adjust their sails or use their motor depending on the wind, I am learning to do the same.

When my self talk heads into unkind words, I bring it to God in prayer and/or the Word for filtering.

When my energy level sinks, I ask if I need water, food, rest, a walk, unplugged or alone time, and/or a laugh to reboot.

You see, no other person is going to care more than I am for myself. It only took my 50 years to come to this realization. And no one knows me better than I do except for my Maker and a few closed loved ones, so asking for help from them makes the most sense when I know I need help.

I am stronger when I recognize my weaknesses and reach out when I need assistance. Whether it’s carrying a load of groceries or laundry, vacuuming the stairs, or talking through how I am really doing on a hard day with a caring loved one.

What’s NEW for me is accepting that I have value just as I am – His creation, His chosen child, His treasure. Because my value is in the eye of the Beholder, I need His vision and insight to make sure I am taking the best care of His loved one, me.

➡️What new habit or way of looking at yourself could you add into your daily routine, friend?

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