Hello, me.

Hello, self. With all your quirks, I am enjoying spending time with you the more I begin to see myself through my Father’s eyes. Hearing Him say that I am:
­čî┐loved forever
­čî┐beautifully handcrafted
­čî┐intentionally made
­čî┐forgiven no matter what
­čî┐chosen daughter
­čî┐purposefully equipped
­čî┐supernaturally strengthened ­čî┐always heard, valued, seen, known by You
has changed my life, as I accept these truths.

Of all of them? Knowing that You hear & see me, know me inside & out, yet value and love me so – blows my mind!

So I have been hanging out a bit more with myself and letting these truths sink in, deeper & deeper, as I allow myself to be alone with intention.

And I find I am liking & loving myself a lot more the more I do so. ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ­čÖî­čĆ╝­čÖé

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