Mental wellness week

Yesterday was not a great day for me. I still got to work with folks I love, get puppy & cat cuddles, and lie down for a bit, but the unexpected stresses of technology rose higher than I expected, and I wasn’t prepared. I hadn’t slept well or eaten well, which took a toll on my energy & mental health.

Most days, I can manage pretty well, but those are the days when I press in to His Presence, share how I am really doing with a close friend, and take the best care of me I can.

It struck me this weekend that one of my recent deceased friends will never meet his soon to arrive grandson, which made me sad.

Several of my friends are struggling with family drama, illness, loneliness, injury, or depression & anxiety.

So am I.

This week, I will be sharing some of my journey, a few helpful resources, as together we get honest about mental wellness, and its impact on us.

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3 thoughts on “Mental wellness week”

  1. hi there Karla,
    I am sorry that you had a tough day yesterday. In the moment it can seem like the way your are feeling will never shift but than God sends a butterfly of sweet reminders that let you know how loved you are…..and you are! I have been having a lot of these kind of days as well. Keep looking up and reach out on the phone to someone (me) so you can get a Hug and distraction that will be comforting!
    Love you friend!

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