Brighter days ahead

The snow has brightened up the morning for me today, and so has an answer to prayer as to why my mood is lower than usual this winter. I thought it was just my SAD (seasonal affective disorder) was worse than usual.

I had major surgery at the end of May, and the expectation was my body would not lose any estrogen afterwards.

That has not been the case. So I start a new med on Friday, and should feel like my old self pre-gal issues in the next two weeks.

If I hadn’t told my doctor, she wouldn’t have referred me to my specialist to review things with me again post surgery.

So brighter days are ahead. Because not only did I pray about this need, I followed His prompt to tell my doctor. And I got the answer & the help I needed.

Don’t be afraid to speak up your need. If the first person you speak to can’t assist you, keep looking.

Later tonight, I will share some resources for you on where you can go for different kinds of help.


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