⚔️VALOR by @christynockels

🎵”I’m staring in the face of all that my story holds in its wake. Every gain and every loss and pain that feels like an ocean that still need to cross.

My heart is heavy, I’m weary to the bone. And the voice of fear, it keeps hunting me down just to hold me under, but

CHORUS Oh it’s me, I’m still here standing in a strength that’s not my own. I don’t face this hour alone ’cause Jesus Your cross, Your death, Your resurrection life in me. You’ll always be my valor.

With You I will face the day and the war that’s over me. And what I choose to believe, You’re the lifter of my head and a shield about me as You answer my cries for help.

And Jesus you keep calling me by name with a love that just keeps hunting me down, just to hold me up now….


I’m marching to the beat of a heavenly drum. I’m standing in a battle that’s already won. And I can almost hear it, the sound of the trumpet calling me onward, to a better country. X3


Yeah, You’ll always be my valor, my bravery in the face of it all. I’m standing in strength that’s not my own…”🎶


#sharingHope #hopeinHisPresence #singanewpsalm

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