How was your weekend? #gettingreal

Confession time. This past Saturday, I had back to back shifts where I usually don’t, and ended up dehydrated. Had an allergic reaction after eating dinner somewhere where I usually don’t have any issue, and ended my night with a panic attack (thanks, menopause!) when I couldn’t find my keys. I took my allergy medication, and went right to bed. Praying I would find my keys. (Which I did the next morning.)

Sunday morning, I was going to push through, go to church and get some work done around the house, and I clearly heard, “Rest.” Which isn’t my norm to hear, so I did. I laid down, read a bit, watch a bit of a fave comedy, napped beside the cats, and only switched one load of laundry. Pushed fluids & ate well.

Today is much a better day, because I did the self triage I needed to before I ended up in emerge or sick with exhaustion. I gave myself permission to say no when God clearly wanted me to.

Am I comfortable with that? No, to be honest. But having spent so much time reading Psalm 139 this past week has reminded me God knows me so well that following His lead will be for my best. Can’t wait to see how He makes Psalm 91 relevant anew to me this week!


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