Extending grace

👣”Give your pace grace.” – Mary DeMuth

As I continue to journey towards better health in this season, I know realize that I am my worst critic and most unlikely cheerleader.

Last Thursday, these four short words almost stopped my heart when I read them in Mary Demuth’s last e-newslettee, and I was convicted that I have not extended myself the same grace I do almost everyone else I encounter.  And as a recipient of the ultimate Grace, I am beating myself up in place instead of applying grace in the spaces which need them so I can keep pace with God as I walk with Him.

Maybe you too can relate.

So when I
• do something stupid (in my opinion)
• misplace an item I need (which happens more than I like when I am not paying attention)
• am frustrated by where I find myself right now, in the waiting for the want or where yet to be revealed
• discover a new raw, painful wound within
➡️I need to immediately pause, pray & apply grace in the place that needs it.

NOT continue to beat myself up or keep listening to enemy lies.

🙏God, would You help those of us who are frustrated with where we find ourselves, either in the waiting room, or the self made bump we encounter? Would You reveal what we are to do next, whether it’s to apply grace, invite Holy Spirit touch a hurting space, or ask for increased faith to follow the pace You set. Thank You for Your gentleness, faithfulness & patient love. Amen.


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