Shifting the Atmosphere – revisited

I recently had a crappy evening, where most of the group I was with was walking on eggshells around one person’s mood.

And I forgot to shift the atmosphere until the next morning. When I remembered the lesson I learned almost 10 years ago now on what my part is when I am faced with a situation or a person’s mood or attitude that doesn’t feel right.

“Be a thermostat & not a thermometer. Change the atmosphere around you with your attitude rather than just reflecting circumstances all day.”

Sandi Krakowski

🌿Tired of walking into a live drama?

🌿Feel like you are stuck in a sitcom you can’t escape?

🌿Sick of surviving?

Sometimes in the spiritual battle we face God has already equipped us to confidently engage.

➡️If you are ready to take action, there are three ways to change the atmosphere wherever you are. Read more at:


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