When God shines a light on a dark space within

🌿”I hold on to the hope that all this falling apart will soon become falling into place.”
– Sabina Laura

I shared last week about how I recently missed the opportunity in the moment to shift the atmosphere until the next morning.

What I didn’t realize until this morning was that I had picked up a spirit of heaviness from that situation, and agreed with it that night.  So when I shifted the atmosphere in the car over my family & I, I didn’t realize that that heaviness remained.

It wasn’t until this past Sunday morning during worship that that weight was broken off of me, and I immediately felt lighter and brighter again.

I still have a lot on my plate, but I was reassured through this morning’s devotion that the Mighty One lives within me, as He does in each of His daughters & sons. And as a result, I am able to, in a split second or the length of a thought, immediately invite God into any situation.

🙏Thank You God for being the Hope that restores. Even when we can’t see what is really going on, You do. You know that in Your timing, my freedom will come to pass when I am in a situation where I can’t see the Light for the darkness about me, as long as I invite You into it.


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