Fear is Not My Future…

Last week, I was praying in the car about how to pray for friends who are in a really tough season. This song came onto the radio. When the chorus began to play, I had to pull over & turn the car off as the tears began to fall as the Spirit landed upon me.

Friend, I don’t know what season you are in right now. But there is no better time than this moment to declare the truth of this chorus over yourself &/or your loved ones.
💙Search for this song, “FEAR IS NOT MY FUTURE” on whatever streaming program you use.
💙Write it where you can see it every day
💙Play it over & over when you need to hear the reminder it holds
💙Sing it as you declare it afresh every time you need to.
💙Even when you can’t grasp it in the here and now, thank God that He is for you, ever present with you – now and into the life yet to come, of which this is an appetizer leading to the main course.

“Fear is not my future, You are.
Sickness is not my story, You are. Heartbreak’s not my home, You are. Death is not the end – Jesus, You are.”

– Maverick City Music & Brandon Lake

Watch & listen here:

#hopefortheharddays #hopeinHisPresence #singanewpsalm

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