Make My Life a Prayer – pour it out

"Make my life a prayer, make my life a song. Make my life an offering to You. I'm gonna pour it out…
I'm like a jar of alabaster, broken to anoint my Master. Precious oil, my life perfume, is all I have to bring. I see it gently trickle down into your head, Your beard, Your gown. I spend it all, I want to be an offering…" - Jill Weber

This song. Wrecks me every time it comes to mind, especially when recalling Mary pouring it all out on the feet of Jesus. Even more ao because Jill is such a great example of someone who is doing just that. Willing to follow her Saviour wherever He leads, and pour out her life for Him wherever she is. Jill is not only a wonderful worship leader & writer, she is also a modern monastic & part of the Lectio 365 team. I have the pleasure of knowing Jill personally, and her testimony of His goodness and faithfulness continues to inspire me to date. Her book “Even the Sparrow” is on my highly recommend list.

Don’t let the simplicity of this song distract you from its depths as you invite Him to take you up in your offering of praise, love, devotion & obedience.

Listen here:

#hopeinHis Presence

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