What are you pouring out as an offering to Jesus this Easter?

As we look back on Mary’s anointing Jesus’ feet with a very costly, messy & humbly given offering of perfume, a few things come to mind.

Why did Mary anoint Jesus at this time & place? In that day & age, a host would wash their guests’ feet when they arrived for dinner, as sandals & dust were the norm. A kiss of welcome was also customary, and anointing your guests heads with oil also showed respect. Luke 7:36–50 explains that this host, a Pharisee, did none of these, as Jesus gave the honor for doing so to Mary.

This dinner was likely held in Bethany, where Mary’s family had been so blessed by Jesus – Lazarus raised from the dead, Jesus taught many in their home, and set Mary free from her “sinful past” as referred to without great detail in the Bible. The host’s lackluster greeting of Jesus at the door may have been seen by His entourage.

But the main point? Mary delivered her expensive gift in the most personal way possible. She broke open the container, poured it all out lavishly on Jesus’ feet, weeping as she cleaned His feet, and then drying them off with her hair. I honestly think that she was likely one of the women who traveled with Jesus, and had heard Him say that He was soon to be facing death. This mixed with the gratitude of what He had done for her & her family was likely the spark the Spirit set aflame to enter this dinner, and make her very private yet very public offering.

There were mixed responses. The Pharisee host was offended Jesus allowed a lowly sinner to touch Him, Judas Iscariot, treasurer for Jesus & the disciples, was offended by the costly waste. Yet Jesus spoke highly of Mary for her offering, being anointed for His upcoming burial.

What are you feeling led to pour out to Jesus this Easter? It may be an offering of a talent. It might be an old hurt He is asking you to leave once & for all at His feet. It might be grief or loss you can pour out like water in your offering of tears.

Friend, what matters most is that you come to Him, sit at His feet, and be fully yourself before Him. That is the gift He longs for the most – to be fully present in His Presence!


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