feeling like an old shell of a house

I sometimes feel like the old shell of a house, especially when I haven’t been taking good care of my inner self. When you try to keep giving without being filled, you can actually reach empty pretty darn quickly. I know this first hand.

These past few weeks, I have been making space to take better care of moi. Not at the expense of relationships or work, but letting go of some TV shows that don’t edify, and being careful to read books which bless me within.

Two of my favorite passages from the Bible have been speaking volumes to me as I have been looking to the Word to restore and replenish my weariness. Look forward to sharing them and an all time fave worship song with you this week, friend.

He is doing some rebuilding within me, piece by piece. And instead of being frustrated by the length of time it is taking, I am thankful for the foundation He is making as He carefully builds what He has intended inside. More joy, faith, grace, love and hope.

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