Feeling anxious?

I recently had a bad bout of anxiety, which isn’t my usual battleground. It won round 1, and then I took a moment to ask God what was going on. I also had some unusual patterned tinnitus in the early mornings occuring right after I took the  medication. Which I didn’t twig to until I spent time in His Presence.

I felt a peace & confirmation, after that prayer session, that I no longer needed this med which had been prescribed for the mild depression I experienced while awaiting my 2 year overdue surgery.

It’s now been almost a year since I had my life altering for the better surgery, and I believe my body had been trying to tell me it didn’t need it any longer. We really are fearfully, intricately, & wonderfully made!

So I contacted my doctor, and she agreed for me to take it off of my day to do list.

A few days later, I had a follow up physio appointment, and my physio was shocked at home much stronger my legs were now than they had been at my previous visit.

One of the side effects of this medication – muscle weakness. The other was the tinnitus, which brought anxiety along for the ride.

It’s been over a week, and I feel about 20 years younger in terms of energy. My mind is sooooo much quieter. My body feels stronger. And my faith is that bit deeper as I took the leap to trust and follow through with how He was leading me, despite feeling anxious in that moment about the change!

Anxiety can’t remain in the presence of God, friend. It doesn’t like God’s peaceful, calming and loving manner.
If you are battling anxious thoughts, start fighting back with some worship, some bible verses, and some writing out your prayers and feelings.
You will feel much better when you do, and I pray God shines the light on your next step of freedom as He did for me!


PS. Let me clarify one point. Clinical anxiety or depression are long term medical conditions. They are not the same as brief bouts of anxiety or the occasional feeling blue. But I know people with both who always feel lighter and/or calmer after spending time in His Throne room. xo

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