Random 🤔 for the week

As I was pondering Psalm 23 again today, something occurred to me. It may seem random to you, but it fits.

God accepts us as we are. Anxious, fearful, grieving, broken, hurting, orphaned, outcast, overlooked, lonely, whatever it is, He accepts all of what has been part of our story.

So why is it that when someone shares their story in an autobiography, on social media or a blog, some feel we have the right to ‘dis’ their story? I may not agree with the contents, but I accept that this is the reality according to the author’s point of view.

God does that with us. He gets why we feel or think the way we do, and accepts us as we are. With no judgement, even though He has the right to do so. Instead, He comes alongside us, hears us out, gently points out the better way, and loves us along each step of our journey together. He shows us in Psalm 23 that He is in for the long haul.

🌿”Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” (Romans 15:7)

Friend, I have had more than a few convos with folks I don’t agree with. I accept their view point as theirs, and hope they will do me the same courtesy as we converse. I don’t try to change them as I hear them out. I can accept them as they are even though I may not like their actions. I can extend compassion for their story without agreeing with them. I can show them that I value them without sharing their values.

💕May we bring glory to God in how we get along with one another in our communities by extending kindness and acceptance without judgement.

#randomthought #hopefortheharddays

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