One of the best things which has ever happened to me happened to occur when I was at my lowest, and didn’t know how we were going to eat for the upcoming week. It was around Christmas, with two young kids sick with chicken pox, and their cousins also  sick with the same. So no … More {PAY IT FORWARD}

when your heart is heavy with grief this Christmas

Christmas became a hard season for me with the unexpected loss of my hubby’s sister a few years ago, following losing his father, then my grandparents, and more recently his mother. I wasn’t expecting any of their losses. I have noticed that we talk a lot about the cheer, the bright and the merry of … More when your heart is heavy with grief this Christmas


Many days, I feel overlooked. invisible. easily replaceable.Like no one would notice if I didn’t show up to work, the PTA, or church. If I stopped shopping at my usually grocery store or coffee shop. Some days, we can feel unseen, can’t we, friend? I sooo relate to Violet, the daughter in the Incredibles movie, … More {HE SEES YOU}