4 key ways I support myself mentally

Today I wrap up my series on self-care with my 4 key ways to take care of myself MENTALLY.Honestly, these were both the hardest and sometimes most freeing ways some days, and I am so thankful to @gatherwomen @lysaterkeurst @havilahcunnington & @dannylovingonpurpose for teaching me & Holy Spirit for nudging me to learn and implementContinue reading “4 key ways I support myself mentally”

4 ways I support myself mentally each day

There are 4 ways that I support myself EMOTIONALLY on a daily basis. ­čî┐JOURNAL – My blogging and working through things on paper helps me process my feelings, hold them alongside of the Word & deal with them accordingly. This is a must for me, especially when I am feeling a bit blue. ­čî┐VITAMINS –Continue reading “4 ways I support myself mentally each day”

My four key W’s to keeping spiritually healthy

There are four key W things I do daily to help myself stay as healthy as possible. ­čî┐WORSHIP – Whether in my car loudly driving around town, with my headphones on, in the shower, on the worship team or singing along with a cd or church service at home, worship helps keep me grounded inContinue reading “My four key W’s to keeping spiritually healthy”