Answering the question, “What does God want with me?”

I have a tendency to overthink things on occasion. I don’t do it intentionally, but when something is heavy on my mind. Like when a friend asks me, “What does God want with me?” So this week, I will unpack one verse of eight words which best capture my answer to that important question. BecauseContinue reading “Answering the question, “What does God want with me?””

When a mistake leaves you feeling off kilter

This photo I found somewhere speaks to me, especially today. I forgot to bring my daughter with me to work this morning for her physio visit. 😅😳🤭 Epic mom fail, for the first time ever! (Forgetting her today, done plenty of other fails over the years!) Some days we get up and the world appearsContinue reading “When a mistake leaves you feeling off kilter”