Self Care Sunday #3

Part of #selfcare is giving yourself healthy things on a regular basis.

Dr. Caroline Leaf made this list of “5 Things to Give Yourself Today & Every Day” which I had been doing (but unable to put so eloquently into words!) this past year.

What other healthy “thought” are you doing to take care of yourself?

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Last night was a brutal one for me in terms of sleep. I had too long of a cat nap yesterday after work, and my inner rhythm decided to be wide eyed and bushy tailed until 1am. Despite lying in complete darkness since midnight.

So more but less sleep than usual. 😂

Extra thankful for an earlier shift today, and waking up to a sunshiny morning!

What are you thankful for this Fri-yay?

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Chatting about not limiting yourself

“I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else.”

Dolly Parton

I used to shrink back within myself in certain circles. Maybe you can relate. I have found over time that being me is not acceptable to some people.

I had a situation come up where I was verbally bullied in front of several loved ones, and not one of them stood up for me. I excused myself, went in to the washroom and asked God to take this situation out of my hands.

He directed me to stand up and refuse to be bullied any longer, after He lead me to forgive the one who hurt me, and to break off the lie that I was not able to do anything in the moment.

I could have kept carrying on in the same old way around this person, but prayer lead me to a healthier way.

This quote by Dolly Parton, recently shared by Grit & Virtue, reminded me of this truth: I am not like everybody else. I am able to do a variety of things, & that may come across as intimidating or stir up insecurity in other people.

With all the kindness I now say to them, not my problem.

Your life may not be the way you want it to be. Sometimes circumstances outside our control can hinder our goals, our dreams.

But you don’t have to stay there.

You too can rise up, shake off the dust of the past and choose a new path.

You do not have to stay small by following what others think you should be doing.

I never thought I would be doing so many things I loved at this age & stage in my life. I am very thankful that God has been leading me into pleasant spaces & places as I follow Him.

He is more than willing to do the same for you too, friend, as you tune out the negative voices & focus in on what He has for you. For the One who created you knows where you will flourish!

Both you & I can be ourselves, & that’s a good mindset to walk out every day, yes?

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Out of my hands – Part B

There is something about prayer that is rather miraculous, if we take a moment to ponder it.

There is an exchange which occurs when we bring what is on our hearts to God. Not only does He hear us, He responds.

I often have a sense of peace which surpasses my understanding after I bring a load of my worries and concerns to God.

He gives us peace when He takes on our load.

This also happens to me while I am worshipping. The breakthrough of peace and knowing God has heard me happens when I press in and let go of what I have been tightly holding onto.

The second part of the song I shared yesterday echoes many of the Psalms of old. They lay it all out before God, and then are able to praise, give thanks and walk in peace.

Despite our circumstance, we can do the same when we release what we are gripping into the grip of the One best suited to walk along side us and guide us safely through it.

“Take this out of my hands. Take this out of my hands. Take this out of my hands.

It’s out of my hands.

There ain’t nothing that You can’t handle God, You are strong enough. Only You can take this out of my hands, out of my hands You’re greater than all my sorrows, worthy of all my trust. Thank You, Lord, that this is out of my hands, out of my hands!”

OUT OF MY HANDS by Jeremy Camp

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Out of my hands – part A

“Every day this never ending pressure tries to take its claim over my heart. I have tried to hold it all together but time and time again I fall apart. But that’s where I find my life was never mine at all, You are the one inside always in control.

So, when it feels like all of this pain is never gonna end, brought to my knees by all of these things I don’t understand, don’t understand. I will let the weight of my fear fall like sand out of my hands and into Yours. Out of my hands and into Yours.

Letting go of worries I can’t measure, holding onto truth that’s healing me. Knowing I can trust You is a treasure. With eyes wide open now I finally see it’s here that I find my life was never mine at all…. You’re still the one inside always in control…”

“OUT OF MY HANDS” by Jeremy Camp

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Talking with God today

🙏Father, thank You for always being a prayer away for me to talk to, any time of night or day. You are the one constant in this life, and I am so grateful for the sense I get that I am bring held on to so safely & tightly when the storms hit in my life.

🫂Jesus, thank You for walking beside me closer than my next breath. That You will never cease to advocate and battle for me whenever I need it, and that You always remain in control as You reign.

🕊️Holy Spirit, thank You for praying my prayer for me when I only have moans & groans in my lowest of lows. Continue to guide me as I listen for Your still small but oh so precious to me voice.

🌿May I ever tune in to Your Words, follow Your ways as You lead me, and walk in Your love, God, as I behold You more and more along the way.

#sharingHope #beHeld

Steadied & held

There are moments when I feel unsteady on my feet, both physically & emotionally.

Maybe you can relate.

And in those sudden moments of instability, God steadies me and reminds me that He is still holding me, regardless of what my circumstances suggest or how my feelings direct.

📖These 3 verses uplift my spirit as they steady my mind, calm my emotions, and stabilize my centre.

🌿Deuteronomy 1:31
🌿John 10:29
🌿Colossians 1:17

🎵I love how worship leader Kathryn Scott expresses how we are held by God in “STEADIED AND HELD.”

🙏Holy Spirit, would You speak louder than my inner cries or the voices coming at me when I am feeling unsteady? Reassure me that I am still held firm in Your loving hands, and steady my shaky knees and feebleness as I stand upon You as my solid foundation.


You Hold Me Now

The Psalms is one of my go-to comfort books of the Bible, and I am so grateful for the reality of life, displays of faith, and sheer honesty it contains.

But even more, how God reassures me of His Presence in the pain, His love in the losses, and most of all? His holding me in the hard times, especially in these 4 verses:

🌿Psalm 16:11
🌿Psalm 91:11-12
🌿Psalm 139:10

There will come a day when all pain, sorrow, grief, loss and tears will be no more, as we are welcomed forever into Your embrace.

🙏Hold me now, Lord, as I long for that day in this season of mess and longing.

🎵”YOU HOLD ME NOW” by Hillsong Worship

#sharingHope #beHeld

Whatever may come

On the days, like yesterday, when the unexpected happens, I choose to hold on to His Word, and proclaim it as true, even if I can’t yet see its fruit.

Isaiah has many verses which reassure me He is holding all things together while He is holding on to me. 4 of my faves are:

🌿Isaiah 40:11
🌿Isaiah 41:10
🌿Isaiah 46:4
🌿Isaiah 63:9

This morning as I was driving into work, I was especially struck by the final lyrics of the song, Whatever May Come by Jeremy & Adrienne Camp.

🎵”Whatever may come,
You will hold me.”

🙏Lift my faith to be able to claim that truth, knowing that You hold me tight, day & night, all the days of my life. Even the harder ones.

#sharingHope #beHeld