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Exhausted or gratified?

🌿"There's a huge difference between empty fatigue and gratifying tiredness. Life is too short. Invest in the things you deeply care about." - Eugene Cho 

You know who Jesus invested in? People. Coz relationships, mentoring & helping folks is what the Kingdom, and its King, is all about.

When I hit my pillow, I thank God for the days when I am able to give & receive a well needed hug, be a listening ear & prayer partner, do a task that needed to get done, and/or smile and make others feel welcome.  Being able to love up on my loved ones is an honor & a privilege.

So I like to end my days with gratifying tiredness, knowing I am pouring myself out with purpose, on purpose & for His purposes. And that His Presence is pouring into me all I need in order to do so.

New Thing… #worshipHymn

🎶”These are the days that we prayed for, a stirring of faith has begun. And I’ve seen so much, still I’m certain that the best has not yet come.

‘Cause Jesus, You’re not done with me. You’re doing a new thing, You’re doing a new thing.

And I see a wave of revival preceded by justice and praise. The young and the old run to Jesus, and all the sins that held us back are laid to waste.

Jesus, You’re not done with me. You’re doing a new thing, You’re doing a new thing. For all I’ve seen, I still believe You’re doing a new thing, You’re doing a new thing. You’re doing a new thing in us, oh.

Your love is never gonna give up. You never give up, You never give up on me. X3
I know, I know (we sing).

Jesus, You’re not done with me. You’re doing a new thing, You’re doing a new thing. For all I’ve seen, I still believe You’re doing a new thing, You’re doing a new thing.

We’re ready for what’s yet to come, ready for what You’ve got next. We’re ready for the past to pass, we’re running where the future is. It’s coming like the rising sun,  We wanna see Your kingdom. Come do a new thing. Oh, come do a new thing, ’cause You’re doing a new thing. Oh, You’re doing a new thing!”

🎶NEW THINGS by  Hillsong Young and Free

➡️ Watch & Listen here:

#worshipwednesday #worshipHymn #singanewpsalm

Feelings Friday – sharing about experiencing His Presence

There are three key times when I experienced God’s presence in a way I could not tangibly see, yet I could hear His voice & see the resulting blessings from following His direction. Once when my son was born, the second when God confirmed news which devastated me to my core, and one more recently.

1️⃣🌿My son was born safely because I heeded His prompts and my doctor listened & stepped into action accordingly. The umbilical cord was around his shoulder & neck, and I praise God for being with me, my son & the two doctors during that delivery.

2️⃣🌿After God confirmed that devastating news, my heart was very patiently, lovingly & kindly rebuilt by the One who made me as I processed the loss.

3️⃣🌿Recently, I felt prompted to go visit a friend & his family in the hospital. Despite my fear of being inadequate to be of any help, God directed me to go. It was a blessing to come along side them & see how God was moving.

🙌🏼So when I say God is with me, I mean it literally, as well as emotionally, spiritually & physically. In any way God can be with us, He is. In the highs, the lows, and every moment in-between.

➡️How about you? Have you experienced His presence in a way that left a positive impact upon you? Put a 🙌🏼 in the comments if you have. (You’re welcome to share your story as well!)

Chatting about Presence today…

🌿PRESENCE. I was going to break this word down by definition, then realized that I don’t need to use a dictionary to explain it.

Everyone can relate to air. Everywhere we go on earth, we have air to breathe. Most of us never even think twice about the fact that we are breathing, unless we have asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, a broken rib or are waiting those few precious seconds for our newly delivered baby to make its first cry.

🌿PRESENCE. One I learned first hand as a 19 year old when my Nana stopped breathing for the last time, and her presence, her essence, slipped away to heaven.

🌿PRESENCE. When you sense you are not alone in the midst of a traumatic situation, when you have the feeling that you are being held, loved, seen & heard despite what is going on around you.

🌿PRESENCE. Psalm 139 gives me great comfort in reminding me there is literally nowhere I can go where I won’t encounter God, and no thought I can think that God isn’t already aware of. Because God is constant, and ubiquitous.

➡️”Ubiquitous (my new word for the day!) comes from the noun ubiquity, meaning “presence everywhere or in many places simultaneously.” Both words are ultimately derived from the Latin word for “everywhere,” which is ubique.” (Merriam Webster online dictionary).

More on PRESENCE from a personal perspective tomorrow!

One of those daze…

Some days, it takes a lot to get things done. And today is one of those daze.

I am okay, for I have learned that in order to be fully present, I need to let what isn’t pressing  go.

Less multitasking, more staying rooted in the moment. And I am learning to be 🆗 with that concept.

How about you? If you can relate, post a 👍🏻 in the comments.

Wherever I go?

🎶”Well I sweat in the heat of the battle and I fought through the dust and the shadows. Oh, You never left my side. Never left my side, no. And I stood at the top of the world. I swam through the depths of my soul, no matter what I find, no matter what I find. Drought or famine, high and low…

{CHORUS} Wherever I go Oh, You’re gonna find me there. Wherever I go? Oh, You’re right beside me there. In the rising flame, even in the pouring rain – even in the flood, I’m safe. Oh, oh, oh, oh You go wherever I go, wherever I go!

You hold all the pieces together, You bring me strength in the desert. Oh, You defend my soul, You defend my soul. No height, no depth, no grave, nothing on earth can keep you away. Oh, You’re my only hope, You’re my only hope. Life and death, this truth I know….

Repeat {CHORUS} to end.”🎶

🎵WHEREVER I GO by Dan Bremnes

Listen & watch here:

#worshipHymn 🙌🏼

And my word for 2023 is…

A week before Christmas, I saw a post on Twitter encouraging me to take their quiz & discover my word for 2023. So I did.

The result was the word PRESENCE.

Which I can’t wait to unpack this year, for it has already impacted the end of my last year.

I usually am fairly active on social, and this year after praying about the holidays, I felt I was to let go of everything that would distract me from being fully present with my loved ones this Christmas week

So I did. Which initially felt exceptionally foreign, but freeing at the same time.

As I step back into more of my workload this week, I am reassured that His Presence remains with me and goes with me. Wherever I go, whatever I do, whomever I’m with.

What word are you being pulled to for 2023?

#liveyourfaith #sharingHope #hopeinHisPresence

O little town of Bethlehem…

As we keep reading the Christmas story, there are a few other folk we are introduced to…

🏨The innkeepers – because no room at the inn means ALL of them were full due to the census going on in Bethlehem. We don’t know if in part they were later arriving than anticipated because of Mary being very pregnant as they travelled there from Nazareth.
So no one innkeeper turned them away, but only one had compassion enough to offer them the stable as a roof over their heads. Which leads me to…

🍼A midwife – for in those days, dudes didn’t deliver their children! I suspect that the same innkeeper who offered them a place to stay, humble though it was, would have recommended a midwife.

🙌🏼🙌🏼Simeon & Anna – those 2 prophets had each received a word by God that they would behold the promise, the Messiah, when He was born. They had been waiting at the temple in Bethlehem ever since. When Jesus was named at the temple 8-10 days after His birth, they met Mary, Joseph & Jesus and praised God for fulfilling His promise.

🌇Bethlehem was the city of David, and very fitting that it receive the initial Good news that the Messiah, born into David’s lineage, had arrived!