Book Worm ReadHER

It has taken me longer than I anticipated, but here is my new blog – all about BOOKS.

I have been so blessed by the companionship, insights, wisdom, laughter, tears, drama, comedy, and inspiration of books over the 50 years I have been reading! So here is where I will be sharing about my favorite classics, new fiction books, and some non-fiction reads.

Why books? The quote below spells it out quite succinctly.

In my case, I am about a 200 books a year reader, so I would have lived more than 1000 lives by now, lol! šŸ˜

So get cozy and comfy, and together we’ll take a look at what’s on my bookshelf, and what may end up on yours, fellow reader!

Karla, aka Book Worm ReadHER

PS. My first book review blog post is readable here: