I have been learning the value of reconnecting with a dozen must haves in my daily life over the past 12 days.

1. Read- the Word, a good fiction novel, a magazine, a blog. Being teachable involves reading. Besides the bible, the Daniel Plan is my current daily read.

2. Write- daily- on my blog, in my gratitude journal, for work. Expressing myself through writing is such a release for me.

3. Music- whether listening, singing or playing an instrument, music adds rich colors my life.

4. Rest- take a nap if I need to, listen more than I speak, give things over to God, take time to sabbath. Rest makes room for me to grow and recharge.

5. Eat healthy: cutting out processed foods and eating whole foods energizes me physically. Limiting my sugar intake helps me stay well and keep a clear head.

6. Move it or lose it- daily exercise however I can helps me stay cheerful and rejuvenated. Whether it is limited to taking the stairs to boot camp to Nordic Pole Walking to dancing along to my Mamma Mia DVD, I need to keep moving daily!

7. Take Your Medicine- my body needs a specific type of vitamin B12 as well as a multivitamin each day, as my body doesn’t digest B12 through my tummy. Just doing it every day helps my innards happy, always a welcome things as we age.

8. Fun- laughing every day, whether at a funny joke, punny song, my girl friends’ stories or a humorous scene in a movie. This is a must for me.

9. Connect- being open to connect with a good friend, family member or a coworker every day helps me stay interactive with my life, and open to learn and listen to help me become the best me possible. Everyone can learn from everyone else.

10. Do Something Unexpected- do something that scares or challenges me every day. This has been healthy for me, and causes me to face & evaporate my fears, not keeping things bottled in, besides has me trying new things.

11. Sleep- 7-8 hours every night. This is one of the best things I can do for myself. Not only does my body benefit, but my brain and energy level do too!

12. Be prepared- plan what I can, but be ready to follow where God may be leading. New things can stress me out, but knowing God is with me calms my core, soothes my soul and gives me a confidence to walk tall in faith. I only have one life, and one day, moment by moment to live. Being prepared for the unexpected is simply common sense as well as dependence on Holy Spirit.

January 12, 2014

Over the course of my life so far, there are a few things I would like to do before my days come to a final end on earth. Here’s my top ten bucket list…in no particular order! Volunteer in an orphanage and love up on the babies and young ones who need the extra loving. …

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For several years, I worked as an opening Barista, which required me to start work at 5:30am. Not get ready for work, or wake up, but starting to use hot equipment at 5:30am. I partly miss those early days, because I used to nap until the kids came home from school…usually for an hour. I …

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