We all have an incredible inner desire to know we matter. To connect with someone who gets us. I am an avid social media user for that reason.

Some days, that one post can:

  • Inspire me to keep plugging along on a dreary day.
  • Comfort me in my grief and loss.
  • Challenge me in my weakness.
  • Cheer me along to complete the goal ahead.
  • Offer Hope on the days when I need the reminder.
  • Reassure me how much I am loved.

Let’s connect!

On Social Media:

@karlaleesdotcom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Pinterest

By Weekly Email:

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3 thoughts on “Connect

  1. Karla,
    Im sorry that you are struggling so much and envouraged that you can speak to God as you do regarding this very physically and emitionally challenging time. I can only say that i can relate to you regarding pain in my hsnds as well and know too well how arthritis ( in my neck ) can rob you of the simple pleasures and harder things like work. Perhapes were all justtoo bush and God needs us to be still more often. I dont know ! Keep looking up! Where as can we go? Love you dear friend.


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