Over the past decade, I have been blessed to be able to listen, share, counsel and pray one on one with women who feel overwhelmed, stuck or have forgotten who they really are, and cheered God on as He sets them free, heals their hurts and restores them.

One on one over coffee or tea helps to sets the scene, as we invite Holy Spirit to shift the atmosphere to clearly hear His voice and infuse us with hope for a changed future.

It’s time for His daughters to leave their baggage behind them, and step with Him into a new day, confident they are never alone.

I am blessed to have had wise counsel and training (such as Beth Kinder & Remade Mentorship, Cleansing Stream, Sozo) and love nothing more than to see someone confidently walk in victory where they used to be bound or fearful.

If you live in GTA North, and would like to meet for coffee or to virtually chat, let’s connect.