I want to rush with reckless abandon into Your embrace My first waking thought is to run to You Within just a few minutes I have abandoned that thought, jumped into the must do’s And onto the daily treadmill. I am abandoning my old mindset, Where I am weighed down from the guilt of my … More abandon

reckless grace

God’s reckless grace is our greatest hope. -Timothy Keller As a bird cannot exhaust the air in the sky nor a fish exhaust the water in the sea, neither can we exhaust the grace of God. -Charles Spurgeon His grace is enough. You’ve heard the catchy song and sung it at church. Read the bible … More reckless grace


I am in hot pursuit. My mind is fixed even when my body is tiring. I continue to climb. I can’t live without Him. His presence. His love. Him. He is beautiful. He gazes at me with such passion, I am overwhelmed with His love, magnetically drawn closer. In the pathway ahead, He is the … More pursuit