I want to rush with reckless abandon into Your embrace

My first waking thought is to run to You

Within just a few minutes
I have abandoned that thought, jumped into the must do’s
And onto the daily treadmill.

I am abandoning my old mindset,
Where I am weighed down from the guilt of my fickle thoughts.

Instead I am embracing grace.

When my thoughts wander, I am learning to catch them more quickly and turn my focus back onto God, not solely the task in front of me.

I am trying to listen more, keeping my bears open for what He may whisper to me.

What He whispers tells me more about who He is, who I am, and how He wants me to bless those in my path.

Tonight, I felt prompted to go into a store where I was waiting for something on order. I knew it wasn’t ready yet, but right before I asked, the sales gal got a call with the unfortunate news her nephew has been hit by a car. I got to share how I would pray for her nephew, her & the family that all would turn out OK, and they would all be kept safe. She then shared how her other nephew has just recovered from brain cancer, and they are still emotionally dealing with that.

She needed to hear someone was praying for her. She went right back onto the phone as we left, arranging coverage so she could head to the hospital. As soon as I stepped out of the store, I prayed out loud for her.

A few years ago, I would have been chicken to do so.

A knock on the head almost two years ago changed all that. A very mild concussion seemed to knock more sensitivity to what God wants and less care for how it looks to others loose within me.

I am the better for it.
And more open to God as a result.

When I allow God to speak and move more in me, I am drawing closer to abandon…

To being one with God.

One day, beloved.

For now, I draw close.
I seek His presence.
I worship with passion.
I listen with expectation.
I open my eyes to His vision.
Where He goes, I follow.

Living a life where I abandon myself to what He has for me, I find my true self.

The one I was designed and meant to be.

So I abandon that which will distract me from my purpose: being with the one I love.

All I am is all of Yours.

reckless grace

God’s reckless grace is our greatest hope.

-Timothy Keller

As a bird cannot exhaust the air in the sky nor a fish exhaust the water in the sea, neither can we exhaust the grace of God.

-Charles Spurgeon

His grace is enough.

You’ve heard the catchy song and sung it at church. Read the bible verses talking about grace, yet still entertained the thought that those verses don’t really apply to you, as God didn’t know what you just did that was so unforgivable.

Grace isn’t about you.

It’s about the giver.

In one long lasting love story,God recklessly laid His heart, and life, out in plain sight for the world to see just how much He loved, loves each & everyone EVER.

The ultimate debt was paid in full. For you. For me. For us all.

Whether you believe it, or accept it, or not.

God knew who would accept His grace covered love. Who would struggle with it. Who would come running to it out of breath with desire. Those who will believe they aren’t good enough to accept it. Those who would refuse it, coz only this life matters, right?

And He offered Himself anyway.


To those of you who think you’re too far gone for His grace…you are believing a lie.

His grace is inexhaustible.
Eternally extended.
Forever intended, for you, for me.

No matter what would be what you would think I would say now, but I won’t.

One part of grace does depend on you.

Receiving it when it is offered.

If you had been locked in a life sentence prison cell, for many months, years..and a lawyer came by to tell you that you have been able to open the jail cell all this time by saying a word…would you not take the leap and try it?

Or is the fear of the unknown too much for you after settling for less for so long?

The outside of that cell leads to a love beyond what you can imagine.

A grace that paid the whole price for your faults, once and for all.

A hope that will outlast any other ever in history.

Its time to jump on on and bathe in the grace awaiting you.


I am in hot pursuit.

My mind is fixed even when my body is tiring.

I continue to climb.

I can’t live without Him.

His presence.

His love.


He is beautiful.

He gazes at me with such passion, I am overwhelmed with His love, magnetically drawn closer.

In the pathway ahead, He is the sun i awake to.
He is the moon i fall asleep under.
He is the refuge I hide in.
He is the rock underneath me.
He is more than enough for everything I need.

As my mind swirls in motion
My heart explodes with attraction
I lift my voice with devotion
And love swells like the ocean.

The depths of His adoration call,
Luring me higher still.

The worship flows, moment after moment.
The never ending chorus beats in my bloodstream.
Everything else becomes colored with my passion.
With reckless abandon, I pick up the pace.
Continuing to climb, all else is stripped away.

I am in hot pursuit.


PURSUIT- Jesus Culture

Strip everything away, til all I have is You
Undo the veils so all I see is You

I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence

I’m pressing into You, so do not pass me by
I’m breaking through the boundaries, I will not be denied

I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
I will pursue You, I will pursue Your presence
Im coming after You

Open my eyes, search my inside
I cant live without Your presence
I cant live without Your presence