let it flaw

We impress people with our supposed perfections but we connect with each other over our flaws. -Donald Miller There is a secret to living connected, to finding real strength. Be yourself. And I don’t mean you after you’ve primped, puffed & glammed up and hidden all your imperfections. The natural you. The you that hasContinue reading “let it flaw”


Pre-Note: as I am currently taking a week long intense Jane Austen course, it is likely that this week there will be blog posts influenced by the major themes we are studying. As she was a believer, and keen observer I am honored to be able to have such a writer continue to impact myContinue reading “sense-ability”

Community Chatter

Relevant Magazine recently posted an interesting article (6 Things Every Strong Community Needs) that got my brain pondering: Community Here are their six headings, and my comments. Intentionality Sometimes we have to purpose to become community. And other times, it just happens. This can happen in school, work, church, or your neighborhood. You may haveContinue reading “Community Chatter”