where are you drawn to sit?


I don’t know about you, but I am much more comfortable with a person who is down to earth than one who thinks too highly about themselves.

Oh sure, they may have cool skills, or have completed awesome tasks with accolades, but humility within a person is what truly makes them great.

I love how Jesus came amongst us:

Humble, born to a good family that had fallen on hard times with their country being occupied by outsiders.

A knowledgeable man who knew His bible inside & out (coz He is part author!) yet took the time to put it into story & fable for common folk to grasp its meaning, yet smart enough to outwit the best scholars of His day. A rabbi for everyone, not just His disciples.

A skilled man who got His hands dirty learning a trade, who camped in the outdoors & walked everywhere.

A compassionate man who never turned down a genuine request.  Who made the best wine come at the time when the cheapest is usually served.

The one who walked the path to the cross and suffered such pain, humiliation, affliction and soul torment to reunite us to Himself, once and for all.

The one who sat with the IRS, mentally ill, blue collared workers, drop outs and zealots.  Let a woman he was not married to pour an extravagant costly amount of perfume over His feet mixed with her tears as she applied it.  The one who talked with those who weren’t His people, yet showed them kindness when the custom was to stay well apart.

The one who saves the best for last humbled Himself to death, letting the enemy think he had won.

But God knew the end of that story, and which was & is: His story will never end, but last forever!

If i have to choose between sitting with the low of my day- the single moms, the divorced, the broke, the homeless, the strugglers… versus those who might have it all together in appearances but not give me the time of day? I choose to stay with the humble.

I am so happy to be in His stronghold that I am content to sit anywhere, as long as I can see Jesus!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I want to sit on His lap, be wrapped in His embrace, and gaze adoringly into His eyes & face.

And I know He wants me to, coz He adores me.

Yet I can see Him in the love that flows between the humble ones I choose to sit with. The ones who struggle to pay their bills, to care for difficult family members, who suffer loss and experience grief. For I am one of the broken, the lost that He came to save and restore.

Jesus humbled himself to our level, to meet our needs face to face. I can not but do the same.

When we humble ourselves as He leads, He will lift us up. Maybe not in the material ways we tend to associate with greatness, but His word promises He will lift us up.

I would rather hear His voice say “Well done!” than live in a mansion with everything I could desire, save Him..

I have seen enough power struggles on the news and the lives of those closest to me to know that greatness apart from God has no eternal value.

So yes, I would rather humbly walk the slow walk with one I am ministering to as He leads, than hobnob with those who are rich & famous, and full of their own self importance.

It is who we are within that reveals true greatness, not what is only skin deep on the outside, or actions which don’t last into eternity.

I choose to sit at the same tables Jesus did, and walk with those He walked beside, because I too am broken & know just how much I need Him.

Note: I am NOT saying humble people who do great things are haughty. Haughty comes out as an expression of the heart. Nor am I saying not to do great things. Allow God to promote you as you seek Him, not the accolades.