soul custody

Our souls were never designed to be in the tug of war battles we find ourselves in.

They were designed
to be pursued by One
and pursue only One.

And ever since that lie
in the Garden
where perfect oneness
had existed between man, woman & God
the enemy has continued
to speak poison to our souls

You are not worth it
God isn’t enough
no one loves you
why bother
give up
stop trying
you aren’t special

And we tie up our resources trying to soothe our souls from the effects of believing those lies:
addictions: sex, shopping, porn, alcohol, gambling, drugs

When we fail to get to the roots of what is growing in our souls, which is evident from the fruit we produce, the poison continues to mutate and grow stronger as it increases in strength.

Our souls were never meant to be soil for the enemy. We were not designed to be his playground.

We were meant for oh so much more.

God designed us to hear His voice, in response to a longing we may have difficulty putting into words, but exists regardless.

That deep down heart’s cry desire to be known.
But not just known:

We long to connect at the core of who we are to the One who created us with this God sized vacuum only He can fill.

When we settle for less than the best for our souls, they will go along for a while off road, but the road starts getting bumpier, muddier and further away from where we thought we should be.

Our soul cries out for sole custody in our Maker’s care.

The battle for our souls has been being wager since that lie was spoken, enticing Eve & Adam to want more than they already had.

What God had spoken of as not just good, but very good.

The same God who walked alongside them in the Garden wants to walk beside you.

Not only does He offer Himself as your escort, He offers to set you free from the lies and pain that affects your soul. He came not only to tell us He loved us, but show us just how much He does as well.

If you are showing the signs of an inner battle being waged, and are tired of fighting on your own, please know God is waiting for you to say the word.

And He will come, this Father who is longing to adopt us into His forever family, heal us, give us our freedom, and pour out His love into our battered, weary souls.

We were designed for sole custody.

Let Him be all He was meant to be for you: mind, body, spirit, soul.

Life as you know it will change, when your soul begins to become whole and find its resting place, its true home in Him.

The only holding up this custody battle is the child in question.

God has already won the ultimate battle, and the enemy knows it.

Don’t let him win.


looking truth in the face

I faced a lifetime of looking the truth in the face before it had time to burrow under my skin.


It takes a lot to look the truth square on, and come to grips with it.

It is much easier for most of us to hide it away, and keep following the same old patterns we have become used to.

But that is a lie.

Not dealing with the truth costs us more in the long run.

By not facing it in the moment, we bury it within us. Making an opening for ourselves to escape into, a non reality for lack of a better word. An alternate truth to us, which we think we control, but in fact ends up controlling us.

Addictions, some forms of depression, suicide can all find their roots in the emotions we bury avoiding the truth.

What we bury, when it isn’t meant to be kept in, sends out tentacles to destroy us from the inside out.

Truth was meant to set us free.

Taking out what has been buried can be painful, but on the other side is a freedom we all long for.

I learned this the long way around. Digging up the past has opened up a future I never dreamed I would have.

I am the healthier, and the better for it.

Today could be your day to heal, make your wounds your scars, move forward, and live.

For truth is found in a person.

Who is more than able to help you find your freedom if you turn to Him and ask.

Its time to grow and be the you you were meant to be.