Invest. Not a word we tend to think about apart from investing with our money. I wouldn’t be here today without the investing that people, in God’s perfect timing, made in my life. When I was at my lowest, love was poured into me. God met me and pulled me out of the pit I … More investing

not alone

I have been “off” for the past week. I never realized how much food, or cutting out some of what I used to eat, impacts my overall wellness. Hangry I have been used to from when I am later eating than I should, but hangry meeting fasting- I was so not prepared for. Add a … More not alone


never stopping pressing on towards the goal focused determination refusing to allow for defeat Your love is relentless. Being on the receiving end of this relentless love has led me to tears, caused me to tremble with thankfulness, quieted my anxiety and put many of my fears to death. And still, Your love pursues me. … More relentless