when seeking knowledge fails to find the answer we want

We don’t need more intelligence, we need more Presence! One of my loved ones is seeking all the knowledge they possibly can for a problem which is not easily resolving. Their belief that more knowledge will solve the problem demonstrates they are missing one small piece of wisdom in all the seeking going on… TheyContinue reading “when seeking knowledge fails to find the answer we want”


I am not sure if I just made up the word “rehoping” or not, but it fits with how I have been feeling lately, so I am running with it! A question was posted today on Twitter on how we find our hope? Here is my response…. Spending time in His Presence restores my hope, Continue reading “rehoping”

hope for the disqualified

I have a problem. I am too hard on myself. In a way that isn’t healthy. I tend to talk myself out of where God wants me to be. You see, I didn’t finish bible college. I have some, but not a lot of higher level musical or writing training. I have read a greatContinue reading “hope for the disqualified”