Your original promise

The original promise is the direct blessing of God received in faith. Galatians 3:20 On the days when the moments of pain, grief or hurt try to overwhelm, God tangibly reminds us throughout His Word of His promises. The fact that there are at least 365 of them, depending on which version you read, reassures … More Your original promise

on course

People lose their way when they lose their why. – Michael Hyatt  You & I have something that millions of people out there do not have and long for. We know our why. We know why we are here. We know who made us. We generally know what He desires for us, and when we … More on course

when seeking knowledge fails to find the answer we want

We don’t need more intelligence, we need more Presence! One of my loved ones is seeking all the knowledge they possibly can for a problem which is not easily resolving. Their belief that more knowledge will solve the problem demonstrates they are missing one small piece of wisdom in all the seeking going on… They … More when seeking knowledge fails to find the answer we want