where do I belong?

I am prone to wander. Not so much physically, like an uprooting kind of trek, although I am known for loving to walk around town. I love nothing more than to meander through a great book, join a story in progress in a movie, or read updates on Facebook at times to help me unwind … More where do I belong?


One of the downsides to working part time is missing out on the same camaraderie those who work full time share. The same can be said about our walk with God. God isn’t interested in part time relationship. He is ours full time, 24/7, 365. And beyond. We think of time in forward increments, God … More belong

who am i

There are many days where my busyness causes a daze resulting from a haze of scattered thoughts Who am I where do I belong what I am here for become my heart’s song and if I am not careful I will miss the cue that who I am pales besides the Presence of You Maker … More who am i