before me

You go before me, and I can have hope because of that. The One who knows all things ever is not only making the rough patch ahead smooth for me, He warns me where to avoid stepping as we walk together. Hope smashes down the blockades, setting me free as He leads me straight to … More before me

mirror, Mirror

I look in the mirror & see white hairs, saggy abs and many other flaws. God caught my glimpse in the mirror & informed me I was no longer to focus on my lack. Then through worship & a moment suspended in time, He showed me the way I look to Him. Pure, spotless Bride. … More mirror, Mirror


It’s hard to believe that God yearns & longs… Maybe like me, you somehow have the notion that God is a solid figure sitting on His throne, staying set apart in His Holiness as He rules. So far from the truth, that notion is. God is actively present in this world. He is aware of … More yearn

armor up

God is stirring something in His daughters today….can you sense it? He is calling us, His Bride, to band together & intercede, cry out for the ones we love. The enemy strategy is to take us down, however he can. God defeats him by linking us together with His power & love, and strengthening us … More armor up