mirror, Mirror

I look in the mirror & see white hairs, saggy abs and many other flaws. God caught my glimpse in the mirror & informed me I was no longer to focus on my lack. Then through worship & a moment suspended in time, He showed me the way I look to Him. Pure, spotless Bride.Continue reading “mirror, Mirror”

armor up

God is stirring something in His daughters today….can you sense it? He is calling us, His Bride, to band together & intercede, cry out for the ones we love. The enemy strategy is to take us down, however he can. God defeats him by linking us together with His power & love, and strengthening usContinue reading “armor up”

we long to be-loved

(image via Bonnie Gray http://www.faithbarista.com) We all long to be loved. We were hardwired with that longing, which was integrally woven into our design by our Designer & Creator. For He longs for us to awaken from our slumber, and accept we are beloved. But we are not only loved, and created to be loved.Continue reading “we long to be-loved”

the reflection of Love

God loves you. No only does He love you, but He is Love. And He is whole. God’s not broken like you & I, and all those broken ones who love each other in ways that hurt. For all of us are broken until He makes us whole. Like He is. God isn’t broken, soContinue reading “the reflection of Love”

Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise

We bring You praise, God. All the honor belongs only to You. You alone are worthy of a complete offering where we pour ourselves out like water before You, a constant stream of love & adoration flowing from us to Your throne. The fragrance of a heart 100% sold out for You brings a smileContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: We Bring You Praise”

lining up where I shouldn’t

Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday. @toddclark The comparison trap will cause me to believe what I see, and forget what I know. Beth Kinder  www.strongholdthebook.com I have a problem with my mirror. Maybe you can relate. My mirror doesn’t show just my reflection, but lines me up beside othersContinue reading “lining up where I shouldn’t”

dirty to clean

We don’t contaminate Christ with our brokenness, He makes us clean through His glorious presence!  Sheila Walsh I confessed yesterday that I love the story of Cinderella, which i find to be a great allegory of the Kingdom. I believe love is the central theme, around which brokenness, humility, ashes & grief swirled in anContinue reading “dirty to clean”

the secret on how to truly love people

There is a secret to how we can love others well. Those who have found it know it isn’t actually about them. The key to unlocking this secret? God’s love. When we get how loved we truly are by the Lover of our Souls, our love begins to escape our hearts and leak out toContinue reading “the secret on how to truly love people”

His banner over me reads beloved

His banner over me is love. Wow! He calls me beloved. ME?! And as I have been soaking in that truth, and others like it, I realize that i have been the biggest hindrance to my receiving His love. Because I don’t feel loveable most days. I feel awkward, a misfit, out of sorts, stressed,Continue reading “His banner over me reads beloved”