when you don’t quite have the best fit

For the past few years, I have struggled to find the best fit for myself in a pair of jeans.  I have more padding than I would like in my ab area, with a literal vs visual tush (basically flat) and fairly skinny legs. I have curves in the wrong places for the trendy typeContinue reading “when you don’t quite have the best fit”

don’t skip your sorrows: wisdom awaits

Don’t skip over your sorrow, there is wisdom it wants to teach you. -Dr. Henry Cloud God uses all circumstances & scenarios to teach us if we are His, and to try and reach us if we aren’t. My recent fall has taught me a few things about myself. This being my second minor blowContinue reading “don’t skip your sorrows: wisdom awaits”

love the one you’re with- 3 ways to show it this Valentine’s Day

Love is a choice. You may have heard that before, but this Valentine’s, may it sink in deep. We show this love by how we care for those around us. By choosing to love them, our love can be seen like an outer garment. We choose to love. How we express that love should beContinue reading “love the one you’re with- 3 ways to show it this Valentine’s Day”

The two keys to keep from settling

In relationships, we can end up with a mixed bag of emotions, expectations & never ending energy draining roller coaster rides when we don’t follow through with two vital things. The two keys we all need to have or do in our relationships? 1. Be yourself. Don’t lose yourself, in any relationship. Be able toContinue reading “The two keys to keep from settling”

in Your eyes

My best is just that. Mine. My best effort, filled with all the passion, skill and gifts I have to back it. I have a hard time letting myself down, let alone people. And God. But I know myself. I have the tendency to see if I am pleasing those around me, family, friends &Continue reading “in Your eyes”

rest for the best yet to come

Rest sometimes means saying no to good things so you can say yes to the best. There are better things ahead. If you are too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off (mindless circles of flapping) you will miss the view you would have seen by standing still. It has takenContinue reading “rest for the best yet to come”