hand it to you


When I used to get something I loved, I had the overwhelming desire to keep it to myself.

Like a hoarder, but of blessings.

As a newborn follower, I needed God to teach me that every blessing comes from Him not only to bless me, but in turn for me to be able to bless others.

When your grip is too tight, it hinder the blessing from its full impact.

When hubby and I moved into our first apartment after getting married, we rarely had company over. Because we felt awkward with the fact our apartment was three rooms all accessible from a common main hallway our landlady used quite regularly.

Instead of sharing that blessing, we kept it mostly to ourselves, and I have often wondered what blessing God could have had for us had we had more open arms and shared the gift of space we had with others.

When we moved to our next apartment, we began to invite others over to share the blessing of space we enjoyed. As many of our friends were still single and living at home or rooming, they enjoyed the hospitality God was stirring up within us.

When we became pregnant with our son, we felt led to move out of my hubby’s childhood stomping grounds to my hometown during my teenaged years.

And we were blessed to be able to rent a townhouse.

So we kept filling it. Friends, family and our neighbors came over regularly, and somehow the space always seemed large enough.

We learned a home is not the size of your space, but the size of your heart.

A few years later, we were blessed to be able to buy our current home. It may be small in size, but it has be used to bless dozens of kids and most of our family and close friends over the years.

We continued the tradition of our house is your house.

Sometimes our blessing means more to us when we have someone to share it with, and becomes all the sweeter because we used it to bless others.

I also regularly donate food to the food bank, and clothes to organizations whose mandate it is to not only bless others with necessities, but give them a hand up and skills to move forward into a new season.

Letting go of what we hold onto so tightly can be just what another has been waiting for.

The same becomes true when we let go of our past, sins and baggage which has been holding us back.

When we take our hands off, He can move His hands in freedom, restoration and blessing.

When we receive all He has for us from His hands with a grateful hand, we can extend the other to those whom through us, He intends us to bless.

Whether it is a physical gift or a spiritual blessing, this holds true.

When we accept His forgiveness, we are able to extend it to others.

Substitute love, grace, peace, joy…for forgiveness, and it remains the same.

We were meant to hold one hand up to receive what He has for us in praise and thanksgiving for all He has given to us, and extend the other hand out to one another to share what we have been given.

The gifts, the blessings He gives us are designed for community.

What God blesses us with is always deeper than we can see on the surface, and part of His plan for us.

When we share His blessing with others, the blessing becomes doubled in a way we cannot fathom on earth, but fulfills the mandate of this Kingdom.

For all we have comes from His loving hands.

And all we do and offer Him back is because of His great love.

Take a moment, and ask Him what you may be holding on too tightly to today. Ask Him to show you how to take the blessings He has given you and offer them as blessings to the community about you. It may be a physical offering of goods, time or use of a gift or talent. It may be an emotional one, by supporting a cause dear to you heart & His. It may be a spiritual offering, coming alongside someone struggling in an area He has set you free from.

In all things, with thanksgiving and praise, we offer all You have given us back to You. For Your Kingdom come for Your will be done, for Your glory, forever and ever.

Sunday Psalm: Bless the Lord

Praise the Lord, my soul;
all my inmost being,
praise His holy name.
Praise the Lord, my soul,
and forget not all His benefits.
Psalm 103:1-2 NIV

Oh the thousands of ways
I could bless Your Holy Name
as I look back at my life,
the one I have had
only because of Your hands.

All I have comes from You,
each and every blessing
flows through Your heart
of love before You send it my way.

With every breath,
I choose to thank You
and bless You.

Whether I am standing in the desert or the ocean of plenty,
whatever my season
I bless You Lord.

When my heart is overwhelmed
and I cannot speak what is
captured within, I will still choose
to bless You Lord.

When my lips ring with grateful song, or cry with the pain of loss,
I will bless You Lord.

In the quiet of this moment,
or the loud shouts of corporation praise, I will always choose to bless You Lord.

For You deserve all the blessings
honor, glory and praise Your children can offer You,
24/7, 365, for eternity.

We join the angels in
proclaiming Your
forever song of praise
as we bless You,
over and over and over again Lord.

Bless You Lord, my soul cries, as I worship You, Worthy and Holy One!



O my soul, bless God.
From head to toe,
I’ll bless His holy name!
O my soul, bless God,
don’t forget a single blessing!
Psalm 103:1-2 MSG

My comfort, Your promise


I am hurting today.

My body is yearning for relief,
my soul is crying for release.

And the first Word I read today as I open Your Word?

This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your promise gives me life.
Psalm 119:50 ESV

I choose to believe You answered my heart cry in those Words, for as soon as I read them, I felt peace wash over me.

The peace which passes understanding.

The Promise which endures.

For all Your promises come to pass God, for You cannot lie.

What You speak, comes to life.

It’s who You are, not just what You say.

Hope reentered my weariness, and assumed readiness for my day ahead.

I am holding the peace & joy You have so lovingly & kindly refueled within me again today.

Knowing if I rest in You, Your rest will be in me.

No matter what.

If like me, you are in desperate need for Him, draw close….

Come as you are.
Find rest for your soul.
Be filled to overflow.
In His Presence, become whole.
Continue to follow Him all your days.

when to speak up at pointing fingers

There are not a lot of things that cause me to be enraged.

Disrespect is one of them.

As is the season, its time in my area for municipal elections.

And I would say that several of the almost 30 candidates running here are not causing negative waves. They are standing on their platforms, and letting the voters judge them on their merits.

But with any crowd, there are always a few who make the rest look back, and frustrate those who run with integrity and respect.

Hey, I get it that we are all entitled to our opinions.  I don’t like dogs stopping and pooping on my lawn, and their owners not picking up after their pet does their business.

I get that none of us are perfect. We all have flaws and weaknesses.

I get upset when instead of telling me what they have to offer, a candidate publicly uses their platform to bad mouth an opponent.

That reveals more to me about the character of the speaker than the opponent’s.

The Bible talks about this, in no small detail.

Its really judgment.

And pointing out the speck in someone else’s eye instead of taking the time to see the log in our own.

Its also a sign of insecurity.

If you can’t control yourself before you get into a position of authority, how can the voters trust you will once you have the power to make decisions at your fingertips?

As followers of Jesus, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  By publicly speaking badly about your neighbor, you not only disrespect them, you show your lack of compassion and love.

Your weakness comes to the forefront, becoming more obvious than the complaint you have, when it is offered without respect.

Our local government, like yours, has a group of individuals running for council: 28 for 8 spots.

With odds like that, your campaign needs to be based on your ‘can do’s ‘, not your ‘look at their flaw(s)’.

When we fail to honor those around us, we essentially let the enemy run havoc in our neighborhood.

I am tired of unnecessary drama, local or otherwise. We all know that life has enough ups & downs without adding anything into the pile.

Take the time to get to know those running for office in your community.

Better yet, once you know what they stand for, line it up against the Word.

If it isn’t walking with the Word, that candidate likely isn’t either.

May the kindness God has showered on His children overflow onto those who serve in our communities. That His Words would soak deep into our hearts and honor & respect be the visible fruit to the world watching us.

Let’s avoid pointing fingers at others, and ask God to help us root out the log jams we may have, so we can become free and a blessing wherever we go.

No matter the quality of your local candidate, God may have a different plan for some of those running. May God lead us to select the best person(s) for the positions in our home towns, the one (s) whose character reminds us of Jesus.

Who gave His all to serve those He came to bless.




What do we really mean when we use the word “presence”?


The Google Dictionary:

1) the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing. (“her presence still comforts me”)

synonyms: existence, being there

2) a person or thing that exists or is present in a place but is not seen.

synonyms: ghostspiritspecterphantom,apparition, supernatural being

3) a group of people, especially soldiers or police, stationed in a particular place.

Dictionary Reference.com:

1. the state or fact of being present, as with others or in a place.

attendance or company:
Your presence is requested.

Where God is, eternally, visible in heaven & sensed on earth.

Who God is, His being, God with us, God within us, God present, supernatural being, almighty God, Spirit, everywhere present.

Invited by His people to reveal more of Himself to us, to come and be present with us in a deeper life altering way, especially when we are gathered seeking Him.

I know I need His Presence more and more as I get to know just how wrecked and broken I am within.

His Presence restores what sin batters.

His Presence binds up what remains in tatters.

His Presence brings hope & comfort to inner shatter.

His Presence is where we find what truly matters.

You don’t need to be in a large group of fellow believers, a trained minister, or doing anything in particular apart from seeking Him to sense His Presence.

He just requires us to tune in and seek His frequency.

Did you know that everything has a frequency?

I believe that as Jesus walked the earth, the atmosphere around Him literally changed because of the Holy frequency He was emitting.

And those around Him were not only attracted to Him, but changed in the encounter. Eternity meet humanity and radically changed the present forever.

God invites us to tune in.
Seek His Presence.
Be present in His company.

In fact, He delights in us, and longs to spend more time with us. He wants to be our soft place to land, our cover when the battle rages, our shelter in the storm:

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble…

Psalm 46:1

Like the father waiting day after day for his beloved son to return home, God is always present in His wait.

He is all in.

His heart is to reassure us with His love, restore us as only our designer can, equip us for daily living out our faith, and enjoy spending time together.

His Presence
in our present
fully present.

What a present, indeed!


now is the time….

Worship releases God’s presence into the atmosphere, wherever we are.

And when God is there, all of Him- His character, freedom, love, justice is there as well.

When we acknowledge God is King, number one in our lives, and our strength….He can move in ways we never fathomed or dreamed possible.

When we are battling depression, anger, anxiety, fear…we need to call out to God through praising HIm for who he is, what He has done, and invite Him into whatever it is we are facing.

When we recognize God on His throne, we give Him the honor He is due.

We release Him to be all He is.

To do all he wants to.

Right in the here and now of the moment we are in.

Worship releases God’s power in a way that is almost beyond comprehension, but is certainly felt and seen.

We can feel when God enters the room.

We can see Him moving when we see people praising Him, bowing before Him, being healed, being set free, worshiping with abandon.

Worship releases God to move against our enemy.

Which is why worship can be and is a weapon.

When we proclaim who He is, we use our devotion and love for God as our defense, and allow God to battle, to fight for us.

The battle belongs to the Lord.

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, holy holy is He.

Sing a new song to Him who sits on heaven’s mercy seat.

He is Lord,
He always will be,
forever and ever,


(repost from May 4/14)



Hands speak of so much to us:

Words, in action.
Comfort as we offer a hand.
Provision, from the work of our hands.
Therapy, healing- with a touch of a hand, release can occur.

Whether your hands are small (like  Jewel’s hit song “Hands”.) or large, they have the potential to impact not only your life but the life of those around you.

My grandmothers had very different hands.

One used hers to serve in the hospital and auxiliary.

The other cleaned, and grew gardens of flowers & produce, offering the surplus to those in need.

Both created with yarn, and could be counted on for a hug if you felt blue.
One loved to talk on the phone, the one further away loved to talk with her hands and write letters in cards she designed with pressed flowers from her garden on the covers.

They impacted those who knew them with the work of their hands.

You too can do the same.

God has placed each of us in the right time and place to lend a hand, to serve someone in need.

He offered His hands willingly to serve all humanity, including outsiders, lepers, the social outcasts and oppressed peoples.

His hands have never stopped reaching for us, to this day, evening, moment in time.

He gives us a hand when we offer ours to Him, to use as He would lead, to touch all those He had for us to bless and serve with our willing hands.

The Newsboys have captured the image of hands beautifully in their song, “Hands & Feet

An image flashed across my T.V. screen, another broken heart comes into view. I saw the pain and I turned my back.Why can’t I do the things I want to?

I am willing yet am so afraid
you give me strength when I say …

Chorus: I wanna be your hands, I wanna be your feet. I’ll go where you send me, go where you send me. I’ll be your hands, I’ll be your feet. I’ll go where you send me, go where you send me
And I’ll try, yeah I’ll try, to touch the world like you touched my life
And I’ll find my way
To be your hands

I’ll abandon every selfish thought
I surrender everything I’ve got
You can have everything I am
And perfect everything I’m not

I am willing, I’m not afraid
you give me strength when I say …

Repeat Chorus

This is the last time I turn my back on you. From now on I’ll go out, send me where you want me to. I finally have a mission, I promise I’ll complete.
I don’t need excuses
when I am your hands and feet
I am your hands and feet.

its time to bloom


Photo by @khjlees

Its time to bloom.

There is only so much watering, feeding, sun & deepening we are meant to experience before we are to show the inner qualities meant to be shared with those around us.

Some are meant to help in practical ways: fire, police, armed forces, EMR staff. Doctors, nurses, dentists, physios, chiropractors. Childcare workers, teachers. Taxi, bus & train drivers.

Some are meant to help support in sometimes less obvious ways: pastors, counselors, volunteers, receptionists, baristas & wait staff. The friend who brings a meal when you have lost a loved one. The person who pays a bill for you when you lost your job. The drive to the appointment when you don’t have a car. The loved one who let’s you cry on their shoulder, not saying a word but comforting you with their presence. When you forgot your wallet or your bank card, and they say don’t worry about it, the coffee’s on me.

Those who create beauty to bless us: in word, created images, photography, music, dance, craftsmanship, gardening, landscaping.

Those who inspire us to dream big and aim high:
The athletes, the inspirational speakers, the people who come to the aid of their neighbors in emergencies, those who seemingly start out with less who remarkably  end up with more despite their lack.

Whatever your gift may be, the world needs you to know three things about it:

1. You were intended.
God designed you to have exactly what you will need to offer in the right time.

2. You are needed.
Your part added to the mix can never be duplicated by any one else.

3. Your contribution will, and does, matter.
Whether you feel its small or not, somehow as you offer it, God grows your part to become exactly what is needed.

The Son is calling you. Its time to be the you God designed, and bloom wherever you are planted.

bless from the mess

You catch way more flies with honey than vinegar.


I recently had a gear shift, or what you may refer to as an ‘aha’ moment.

I have a few friends who are both teachers.

My newest friend of the two finally felt she found the school she was meant to stay in, and was unsure there would be a place for her next year. She was almost heartbroken at the thought of moving on, and couldn’t see how it could happen for her to stay.

I prayed for her, asking God to move whichever teacher at that school who was waiting for their dream job/blessing on, so that the position would become available for my friend. Not what this person was expecting. A little taken aback by my approach, she also prayed the same way.

One of her coworkers shortly after shared that they got word their “dream job” had opened up for them, and space was made at the school for my new friend to stay there next year.

My other close friend has had a really rough year at her current school, without a great deal of internal support. Mess is an understatement for her year of extreme stress. I quietly prayed that God would move out into a better position whomever was needed for her to have a better year if she was meant to stay, or else open up an admin leave for her. As the year was an emotional rollercoaster, she was unsure which door she was meant to go through. The main person involved has recently been promoted out, leaving the door open for blessings to come without my friend needing to leave.

Praying God opens a door for someone else waiting can help us while we wait for ours to open.

Why pray for others? Why not just pray for our needs?

When I look at Jesus in the Word, I see a man of compassion for those who are struggling or hurt around Him. I see miracles, healings and deep care for those He blessed.

Why not bless someone else too while we pray about our need?

Jesus poured out His very life for those He loved, which was everyone.

We can have a positive impact by praying blessing on others….so why not ask Jesus to bless them too?

It could lead to their discovering who He is, how much He loves them and what He has done for them.

So I choose to pray blessing for those I work for, blessing on those in know who are waiting for doors to open, and blessing on those who are waiting for their doors to open.

We serve a big God. There is no reason why He won’t choose to bless if we ask Him to, even setting off a blessing chain reaction of open doors swinging wide before their King!

If God intends for you to walk through a door, He will open it for you. His Word promises His plans are good for us, and will come to pass when we seek Him first. Don’t be afraid to pray for the door to open if you know that you know that is where God wants you to go!

And if your coworker or neighbor or friend gets blessed in the process, even better 😉

actions vs words

Actions may speak louder than words
but words can hurt longer than actions.

Heather Palacious @wondherful


Where are your words leading you to live?

There are only three options when it comes to words:

When we use words, they are either used to build people up, tear them down. Just passing time doesn’t really fall into either of these categories, so I will lay them to rest now and stick with the main two purposes of words:

Bless or curse.

Words with purpose find a place to perch in their listener.

Some warm the heart, encourage the soul, build up the hopeless, comfort the lonely, refresh the weary, heal the wound.

Some strike ruthlessly, drawing blood, deepening already open wounds, adding poison to previous hurts. Some knock the stuffing out of you, leaving depression in their wake. Isolating, controlling, lying words that fester as they suck life from your soul.

We are all going to be held accountable for our words and their intent one day.

Will your tongue release life or death?

It is ultimately your choice.

Just keep in mind….

What you speak becomes where you live.