There are not a lot of things that cause me to be enraged. Disrespect is one of them. As is the season, its time in my area for municipal elections. And I would say that several of the almost 30 candidates running here are not causing negative waves. They are standing on their platforms, and …

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Presence. What do we really mean when we use the word “presence”? Presence noun The Google Dictionary: 1) the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing. (“her presence still comforts me”) synonyms: existence, being there 2) a person or thing that exists or is present in a place but …

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Worship releases God’s presence into the atmosphere, wherever we are. And when God is there, all of Him- His character, freedom, love, justice is there as well. When we acknowledge God is King, number one in our lives, and our strength….He can move in ways we never fathomed or dreamed possible. When we are battling …

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Hands speak of so much to us: Words, in action. Comfort as we offer a hand. Provision, from the work of our hands. Therapy, healing- with a touch of a hand, release can occur. Whether your hands are small (like  Jewel’s hit song “Hands”.) or large, they have the potential to impact not only your …

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Actions may speak louder than words
but words can hurt longer than actions.

Heather Palacious @wondherful


Where are your words leading you to live?

There are only three options when it comes to words:

When we use words, they are either used to build people up, tear them down. Just passing time doesn’t really fall into either of these categories, so I will lay them to rest now and stick with the main two purposes of words:

Bless or curse.

Words with purpose find a place to perch in their listener.

Some warm the heart, encourage the soul, build up the hopeless, comfort the lonely, refresh the weary, heal the wound.

Some strike ruthlessly, drawing blood, deepening already open wounds, adding poison to previous hurts. Some knock the stuffing out of you, leaving depression in their wake. Isolating, controlling, lying words that fester as they suck life from your soul.

We are all going to be held accountable for our words and their intent one day.

Will your tongue release life or death?

It is ultimately your choice.

Just keep in mind….

What you speak becomes where you live.

May 24, 2014