sea foam break down

As I was walking this morning, I had a mini revelation about my fave colour. I absolutely love sea foam/pistachio/moss green. And today, as I was quietly listening to my Abba, I heard about why it is suited to me, why I am drawn to it. Sea foam is a mix of green (made upContinue reading “sea foam break down”

never beyond reach

Because maybe Jesus wants us to know there is no place we can find ourselves where His presence cannot reach us. Bonnie Gray, Finding Spiritual Whitespace Sometimes there are lines you can read that reach out to squeeze your heart so tightly, it becomes hard to breathe. The quote above just did so to meContinue reading “never beyond reach”

accepting the blues

The blues are not always a bad thing, you know. Many of my favorite things that help me fight off the blues are, in fact, blue. Hydrangeas, bluebells….I love seeing the shades of blue that are found in a garden. (pic from: Blue jeans. ¬†Oh, how I love to wear my jeans. Its likeContinue reading “accepting the blues”