cover lover or lover of the Word?

I love getting a new version of the Bible. There is something holy and fresh to me about holding a brand new Bible. Opening the cover for the first time, and taking a peek at the insides.

As a book lover and word crafter, I can appreciate a pretty cover, fantastic graphics or eye catching images.  Yet if I never open the book, I  will miss the point.

If you don’t move past the cover, you miss the meat of the words inside which you are meant to meet.  To read.  To chew on. To ponder. To be challenged, entertained by.

Without reading the words inside the covers, a book becomes just an ornament on a shelf.

Which isn’t the point of a book.

Nor the point of the Bible.

The Bible, or the Word as I prefer to refer to it as, is designed to help us along our journey.

It not only instructs us, but gives us insight into situations we might experience, and the God we hope to encounter we meet inside.

If you remain a cover lover, the Word will not come alive for you.  For the Holy Spirit speaks to us as we read it, whispers the words He has for us in the moment, and reminds us that the Word is an invitation for a fresh encounter with the Living Word, Jesus.

The Bible is meant to be read, digested, interacted with. We are to allow it to shape our mindsets, fix our values, guide our emotions and be a foundation we can turn to in the hard times.

The Word reminds us…

  • We are not alone.
  • God is with us.
  • God is for us.
  • God is in us.
  • God lives through us.
  • God knows us.
  • God guides us.
  • We are loved.

Crack open the cover of your Bible, and allow His words to seep into you.  Ponder the mysteries.  Savor the love.  Delight in the truth. Align your path to the one He has for you.

Move beyond the covers into the best part of the Word, for He is just waiting you there!


His writeful place

I had a dream I had kept hidden for several decades. And a few months ago at a special prophetic night, someone publicly read the mail in my heart and spoke it over me.

I am to write a book….at least one.

I have had a few ideas of late, but the timing for my first project isn’t right yet. I hope to coauthor the second, a bible study, over this summer. 🙂 I now contribute devotionals weekly to a Christian women’s community on Fridays. 🙂 I join blog linkups and learn from other writers. 🙂 My first piece 🙂 will be published in a well known US Christian woman’s magazine this summer, so I know that His Word is being birthed in me. I am in preparation mode for the dream to come to be.

I have been patiently waiting for direction on how to move forward in pursuit of this dream, and for now, I am to keep writing every day, and do what I am already doing. I am a writer, and my main Reader is cheering me on to continue.

Yesterday, I got a deeper revelation, which knocked my concept of writing on its head.

God whispered into my soul, my spirit, “Even if you were never to write another word, I am still writing your story. You are my living Book to show the world who I am, and what Love can do.”

Oh my, God.

I am a living Book, being constantly written in the hands of the Author of us all.

The Author whose Word has touched countless generations in this world, as His stories were told out loud, and then recorded for all to be able to know, and see. He desires all people to know His Words.

My story is His story, history being lived right here and now.

My life is His book coming to life.

I am His living book.

And He is using me to spread that life through my writing.

I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world. -Mother Theresa

I dig deeper, to know more of who He is, how He wants me to live, life to the fullest as He leads, and listen to what He wants me to say, sing, write. I soak in His Words, and pray He allows them to take root & grow fruit as He waters & brings them to life.

He corrects my typos, and rewrites chapters and scenes I once believed set in stone, with a living hand writing in blood, as His tears of joy stream down His loving face.

My life is truly becoming a live one as He rewrites & writes my story.

If you too have a background you are ashamed, not proud of, broken by or horrified at revisiting even in thought, He wants to erase the pain of your back story. He longs to reveal His strength & love to you, so you can store that memory safely in His safekeeping, and leave it there.

Your history before God? A prequel to the real story now taking place, with the intended Author now taking His rightful, writeful place!


PS. I just love this song about not holding back, and giving Him our all, but also way the script seeka to be being written by His hand. 🙂

May it reveal to you how much He longs to write your story with you.

(Lord I’m Ready Now- Plumb)