Sunday Psalm: Be Still, Seriously?

Oh Lord Inside I am racing like a car engine revving up for its heat in the big race, go go go get ‘er done check it off the to do list Peace is feeling farther & farther away with every new task I take on, with the situation I face causing me to spinContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: Be Still, Seriously?”

Sunday Psalm: How Long?

Lord, I come to worship You again this morning, feeling increasingly weary and heavy laden as I draw close to Your throne. Its in Your presence that I realize all I have been dragging around within and behind me. Your love doesn’t just stop at making me Yours, You long for me to continuously beContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: How Long?”

what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew that ultimately you could not fail? How do you get strong enough to believe it? Love. Specifically the kind of love God offers all of us. The love that loves us no matter what, always… There is nothing I could do to make You love me more. NothingContinue reading “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

cry of the broken

You hear the cry of the broken, You hear the cry of the broken, You hear the cry of the broken… You answer the cry of the broken, You answer the cry of the broken, You answer the cry of the broken… –Darlene Zschech, Your Name/Cry of the Broken Feeling broken? These past few daysContinue reading “cry of the broken”

called to go, do or be?

We were, and are, all called for a purpose. Typically, most of us (myself included) tend to think of this call only as an action. We are to go out & make disciples in all nations. Absolutely. We miss the key point when it becomes about where we go and what we are doing. WeContinue reading “called to go, do or be?”

hope for the disqualified

I have a problem. I am too hard on myself. In a way that isn’t healthy. I tend to talk myself out of where God wants me to be. You see, I didn’t finish bible college. I have some, but not a lot of higher level musical or writing training. I have read a greatContinue reading “hope for the disqualified”


Tonight I saw a movie that rekindled my passion. (It was about cooking, before you gasp with disapproval!) The Hundred Foot Journey. The passion of three characters that cross paths is inspiring: The young man whose passion is taste, exceptionally flavoring the food he cooks. His father, passionate about family (and being thrifty). The restaurantContinue reading “passion”


There are fences that are designed for your protection, and fences that keep you penned in. What are your fences protecting? Fences as I am referring to them, for our protection, are also known as boundaries. Boundaries are ‘do not cross’ lines. They don’t have to be visible to be enforced, kind of like invisibleContinue reading “fences”


For the last 24 hours, I have been hearing the words ‘brave’. Watching the Disney movie reminded me that we can be brave in hard circumstances when we know we are loved. Hearing the song “Make Me Brave” by Bethel reminds me exactly who the real brave one is, and itĀ isn’t me. At least, notContinue reading “brave?”