it’s hasn’t been long since I saw You last yet somehow it feels like forever The road seems to stretch despite my every step as I wearily attempt to make it back to You The sunrise clouded over, no stars nor sunset to be seen in the evening sky yet a glimmer of hope continues … More long


Meet people where they are, not where you’d like them to be. @POTSC tweet Every one you meet has a story, just like you and I. Their story may not be visible on the outside. Just like you and I. There is more that goes on inside every book beyond the title on the front … More meet

Am I ever alone?

This morning, I was feeling pretty low. Snoring has been interfering in part with my sleep pattern, I was feeling lonely, achy and crampy this morning. If I had spoken, it would have likely been grouchy before 8 am.┬áNot my usual early bird chipper. So I posted the following to my personal Facebook page, because … More Am I ever alone?