out of the dark

All new life comes out of the dark places.

-Ann Voskamp

Out of the hard broken places, hope can spring. If you keep a small nugget alive…like a tiny mustard seed just waiting to germinate.

You see, I know first hand how this is true.

The dark places help illuminate the hidden truth waiting to be found.

Being abandoned helped me know God as faithful.

Being broken led me to discover Him as healer.

Feeling lonely, He met me within, and has never left me since. God is with me.

Scared when facing hard news, He has been my Comfort.

In loss, He has always Provided.

With storms, He is my Anchor, and brings Peace.

Without the opposite to illuminate His quality, I might miss experiencing them first hand.

I am not saying that God sends terrible actions on us just to reveal Himself to us.

Humanity has enough within it to bring on more than enough terrible acts without blaming God for them.

I am saying God is, always has been, and always will be revealing Himself to all of us who are, ever were and ever will be on earth.

His quality, His true character shines for all to see.
His handiwork in the natural world around us is breathtaking.
His skill and depths of creativeness in making each person on earth unique and original is mind blowing.

The fact He keeps radiating love towards us, despite all the yuck and muck we being upon ourselves, the pain and hurt inflicted by others, our shattered dreams and what its…shows just how amazing that love truly is.

Every winter, the earth prepares itself for a hard time. The ground is dark, hard and nor very appealing as the season passes.

The perennial seeds we planted in moments of hope will come to life when the Light, and spring, arrive


The dark times will move into their place in our distant memory when HiStory steps in, ready and willing to release the new life just waiting for us to invite Him in.

love n grace


Love does.

Love reaches out to us, offering to lift us out of the mess, pain & brokenness we are in.

Love that offers second chances, hope on the horizon, a shoulder to lean on.

Love entangled eternally with Grace.

Grace in the person of Jesus.

Who took on human DNA
The very King of Heaven
To meet us face to face
At the very place
That was keeping us apart.
Sin crossroads.

And in one final act with eternal consequences died for those very sins WE deserved to die for.

So we have a choice.
To die alone,
Or die in the arms of Love & Grace.

For Love breaks our fall
And Grace carries us home.

Love is a person, as is Grace.
His name is Jesus.

He took our fall
So He could bring us home to the Father who is waiting
And introduces us to Spirit- who comforts, instructs & guides us on our journey towards our forever home.

All this love and grace
for you.

For me.

For us all.

Love beckons,
Grace calls.

“Let me help.
I love you.
Welcome home.”