confetti toss


What can you do when you feel low, blah, deflated?

Fight it with one of His secret weapons.

How about if the person you are with is feeling the same way?

Throw kindness like confetti!

I am sure you are saying to yourself, “Okay now, she’s losing it!” or “Just hold on now, that sounds a little crazy!”

And it is.

But I won’t apologize for it.

When we liberally slather kindness on those around us, it seeps into the cracks around peoples hearts, soothes the blisters of their wounds, coats their soul with a warm embrace, and before they know it, it is everywhere.

Confetti is known for being found days, weeks, months later…which is why many have discarded this practice in terms of more favorable rice or doves being released to celebrate at a wedding.

I believe God is best seen when we toss kindness like confetti.

Kindness isn’t always convenient, or practical, but oh how we need more of it in our world, our lives, our hearts.

Kindness is a balm to our spirits, reminding us we are cared for.

One small kind act can have a ripple effect leading beyond our imaginations.

The teacher who tells the struggling student to keep on writing.

The parent who gets us at the crack of dawn to drive their child where they need to go.

The boss who ends the review with the best of their positive feedback.

The one who puts a buck in the outstretched hand.

Randomly giving coffee gift cards away at the mall or bus depot.

Receiving kindness like that catches our attention.

Kindness reminds us of the One who is Kind.

Our showing kindness to one another warms His heart, for we are expressing true value to one another as we do.

We are all special to Him, and He lavishly shows us this, day in and day out.

He doesn’t give us the rewards we deserve, but the best ones He has in store for us.

In need of a pick me up?

Look up for His smile.

Then pass it on.

It doesn’t matter whether the person you are being kind to knows you or not.

God knows them, and longs for them to see His loving kindness for themselves.

When we become His hands, feet, smile and helps to one another, He is being seen.

There may not be an earthly price tag attached to kindness, but there is an eternal one.

Love, and kindness, last forever.

I want to be known as one who tosses kindness like confetti at a wedding, with exuberant joy as i celebrate the kindness my God has show me.

I heard Graham Cooke say many years ago as he shared his testimony how God is the kindest person he knows.

I too have found that to be true.

His kindness tints every loving action He showers my way in the confetti swirl of His Presence!