Spirit soaring

Today was to be a day off, but God had other plans for me, which is why I am currently find myself carefully trying to type on a bus!

I got a heads up last night, as I was checking an email, and a new favorite song has been added to our to learn list at church.

Every time I sing along to this song, God stirs me within.  I can’t quite put it into words, but He has my spirit begin to stretch itself bigger than I imagined while i worship.

Holy Spirit soars along side me as I learn to soar.

He is taking me into a new beyond I am not yet able to fully communicate.

And I am finding I am not as fearful of what is to come as I would have been a few years again.

As He sweeps me up in His embrace, I feel so secure in Him I begin to tap into who He wants me to become, and His strength to do just that.

Even last year, I would have been ticked off at being called in on my day off.

He has been rewiring me to go wherever He is calling, and today I got that even includes work.

For if we can’t be there for our coworkers when He whispers ‘Go’ into our ears, there may not be someone else primed to go.

Just because His Spirit is leading us into something new, that doesn’t mean He won’t send you to a familiar place.

You may be a more improved version of yourself, able to sense  Holy Spirit to a greater depth, and hear His to do list more clearly.

I sense Holy Spirit soaring over my obedience, like a waterfall of joy rushing over me right now.

I have a peace this week I have never had before at all my works.

They haven’t changed, but I have.

The key for me is to jump into the Word,  as i worship unhindered, listening for His voice as He guides through the day ahead.

I am only as effective as He has space within me.

He longs to change us all for not only our better, but His pleasure.

For you, vocalizing or writing your prayers after your time in the Word may be where He is calling you to expand.  For others, being in His Creation stirs you to open yourself up to Him to a greater degree. If you are like me, soaking in His Presence through worship is where He meets me the deepest.

He knows how we best connect with Him, and longs for us to meet with us there as often as we can.

Holy Spirit is waiting within each of us to help us soar to the new level of connection He has for you, me as He Himself takes us there.