grieving through Christmas

I am shockingly breaking with my theme of “Praising Hymn through Christmas Carols of the Ages” today, for I feel lead to share this with you.  May what He has stirred up in my heart touch yours as His love flows through these words. xo

Christmas became a hard season for me with the unexpected loss of my hubby’s sister a few years ago, adding to losing his father & my grandparents.

I wasn’t expecting it.

I have noticed that we talk alot about the cheer, the bright and the merry, but not about how to keep our eyes fixed on the light when we feel full of woe, heavy or weary.

I get how hard the year of firsts, seconds and thirds can be. I read somewhere the first three years after a major loss are necessary to grieve through when love has been lost.

This is the first year I have beheld the wonder of His Presence at Christmas again far outweigh the loved ones I still miss.

God gets it too. He purposefully gave up His Beloved son so we could know just how much He loves us.

Nothing that happens to you, seen and unseen, goes unnoticed by God. Your lows as much as your highs catch His heart, and turn His eyes to you.

A few strong godly men I know are facing the loss of their mothers this Christmas. Likewise, a few girlfriends are grieving the loss of their spouses who left them this year. You too may be struck with sudden unexpected loss. I get it, and I hurt along side you.

May I remind you He loves you dearly?

My prayer for you is for Him to draw close to you as only He can right in the middle of your grief.

Nothing’s wasted in His Kingdom. Ever.

There is a purpose greater than you may be able to sense right now. Lean in, trust Him to hold on tight and let Him carry you through.

He’s got you covered with His love, and will never let you go.

Each and every tear you shed in your private grief? He bottles like a precious wine.

For everything, absolutely everything, that matters to you matters to Him. Always.


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for the days you need extra grace

This morning, a delay due to a family member (who although needs the sleep caused me to leave 50 min late this morning) lead to to prime time traffic jam on the only day this week I had a vehicle to drive to work, versus usually taking the bus.

It became very apparent with three narrowing down to one lane heading in my direction that it was going to be a long congested ride.

God promptly met me there.

A new CD popped into the CD player, and my vehicle became a worship concert on the way to work.  Me offering up my worship in a concert of praise, adoration & proclamation.

Quite honestly, I didn’t want the ride to end when I got there.

When I got into work, I knew why He had prepared me with the longer hang out time this morning.

But I got today’s to do list completed, and a deeper appreciation of learning to go with His flow despite road jams, traffic snarls & drivers with missing signal lights.

He is with us each step, each drive we take. 

And especially today, as I head into rush hour traffic on my way home, I am so thankful He is heading out there with me.

Yesterday I drove through Toronto, and happened to catch a brief glimpse over my right shoulder of something shinishy glimmery there. I choose to believe He allowed me a glimpse of one of the angels He has assigned to keep me covered.

Soon after, the engine light came on.

Without panicking, and despite the major foot cramp which hit my driving foot, He kept me focused and calm as I drove my hubby home from a procedure at the hospital.

Yesterday evening, He spoke through one of small group members to remind me He has me covered, through a red umbrella image. His love both protects & covers us. 😉

He so goes before, behind and all around us, not just beside us, Beloved.

Ask Him for a closer glimpse, a fresh Word, or a deeper sense of His Presence today.

He longs to give good gift to those He loves, for He is a good good God!



Leaaaad me…

Lead me by Your truth and teach me, for You are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in You.  Psalm 25:3 (NLT)


I am a sheep, and I am honest enough to admit it.

I need a Shepherd to lead me.

I need to be taught the difference between truth and lies.

I need to be rescued when I am left to my own devices.

I need someone to listen to my bleats and comfort me when I am scared.

More than anything else, I know I need to follow.

When I keep my eyes on Jesus, I tend not to stray. As I follow Him, my hope factor increases throughout my day.

Where You lead, my Shepherd, I will follow. I know You are my rescuer and worthy of my trust. I know You’ve got me covered, and I am safe in Your embrace.

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Note: The fact this devotion which I wrote several weeks ago happens to be posted on the exact day my hubby is having some surgery is sooooo God in His timing. Perfect. and a reminder He’s got me covered beyond my full comprehension. So grateful He reminded me He is our Shepherd again today! 🙂

Planning on reminding myself about this audibly today & worshipping my Shepherd along with Amanda Cook on our way to the hospital!