Take me away…

Take me away, a secret place A sweet escape, take me away Take me away to better days Take me away, a hiding place – Natasha Bedingfield, Pocket Full Of Sunshine My heart started crying out this song to my Abba these past few days. When life gets tough, my first reaction is instinctively toContinue reading “Take me away…”

Hello, it’s Me

Like so many of you, I too have been enthralled by Adele’s song Hello. Everyone can relate to feeling disconnected from someone who love, who may not be returning our affection. The passion Adele harnesses as she sings it stirred me so, it brought her revelation that someone this song was really God’s song forContinue reading “Hello, it’s Me”

Sunday Psalm: heart cry

I hear you Beloved My heart hears your heart’s cry I’m with you Beloved My heart beats with yours I am drawing you deeper still I am waiting here for you Come as you are broken wounded for nothing will hold You back from all I have for you So I will sing over youContinue reading “Sunday Psalm: heart cry”

when you have no words

Tonight, I am out of words. I was blessed to be able to sing as a part of the worship team at my church, and unexpectedly I sang at both services today. God moved me so much this morning, I needed a nap before the evening service. The words, harmony & melody flowed and pouredContinue reading “when you have no words”