whines, how longs & putting it out there

It’s time to come clean. I used to have a ‘Why me’, whiny tendency which ran deep. Very deep, in fact it was my go to inside voice. When God met me, one of the first things He pointed out to me was my need to whine. For me, at that time, it was aContinue reading “whines, how longs & putting it out there”

always something there to remind me

There is always something there to remind me. Every day, something reminds me of how much I have to be thankful for. Thank-full. Full of thanks. Most of us have moments we might otherwise pass by, and never notice the gift we were given in that very moment. Friday I decided to juice fast untilContinue reading “always something there to remind me”

good news- fresh mercy daily

Summer can be filled with great news: Vacation days. Sunshine. Sporting events. Relaxing nights on the porch. BBQ aromas wafting in the air. Exams are over. Graduation. Acceptance letters. Summer jobs. Camping. For many people, summer can bring more stressful news, such as needing to pay your school fees, or planning a move to aContinue reading “good news- fresh mercy daily”